Produce Row Manifesto

HERE is a special kind of here. Here is not a place for beige walls, suburban office parks and steady diets of sameness.

HERE, the only place we use cookie cutters is in our restaurant kitchens. In this place we embrace dichotomies and contradictions. Like trains sharing the road with bikes and tractor trucks parked amidst electric cars. Or quirky, upstart companies surrounding historic landmark Portland businesses.

HERE disruption is a piece of the landscape. HERE creativity paves every street. Every day is different and exciting and full of opportunity and that’s just part of why we love it here.

HERE is Produce Row.

HERE is a place where things grow and results are produced. Against a backdrop of industry, grittiness and history, Produce Row has always been a beacon drawing Portland’s savviest entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers.

HERE Ideas grow.
A culture of creation invites invention, iterations and renewal. Whether it’s dreaming up the next ballet or the next Clean Tech idea, this is a place that visions come to fruition.

HERE Synergy spreads.
Cooperation and collaboration among like-minded businesses creates vitality and syncopation. Sustainability grows here. With green practices, affordable costs and a value system that rewards organic growth and longevity.

HERE People flourish.
On cityscape river walks and bike rides. Sipping neighborhood-distilled spirits or relishing mouth-watering menus.

HERE Businesses thrive.

This is a place people plant roots and stay, a place that can support a fledgling operation or an established manufacturer. This is a place where things are made. Real products, real services or simply making a difference. Jobs grow here. People grow here. Prosperity grows here.

Admittedly, Produce Row isn’t for everyone. It isn’t for those that chase success at its old addresses or through outdated channels; it’s for catalysts that create success where they are. It’s for those who inspire others and aspire to break the mold. It’s for those who see opportunity in the yet-to-be developed spaces. Produce Row is authentically Portland: If you’re a free spirit who’s proud to be what some might consider a misfit, you may well find a home for your business here.

A standard, homogeneous office park we are not. An amazing place to do business, we are.


Grow with us.


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