Portland, Oregon is a place deeply grounded in a sense of community and collaboration. It’s no coincidence that in this beautiful city known for its roses, bikes and brews, a community of startups has grown and thrived. In the past five years, Portland tech startups such as Urban Airship, Cloudability, and Puppet Labs have gained interest and investment from Silicon Valley VCs and startups representing other industries have flourished, especially in Produce Row,  including makers of bamboo iPhone cases, bike helmets, and coffee. More recently, the establishment of the Portland State Business Accelerator, Upstart Labs, the Portland Incubator Experiment, the Portland Seed Fund, and the Nike+Accelerator show Portland’s depth of talent, interest, and opportunity for smart people to take their ideas to the next level. The city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem holds unlimited potential.

Learn more here about resources for entrepreneurs and Produce Row initiatives, such as the Startup PDX Challenge.

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