Katy Meegan and Keegan Wenkman operate a design, illustration and letterpress printing company. KeeganMeegan is not your cookie-cutter hobby print shop, nor your mother’s boutique shop. Their detail-driven, hand illustrated letterpress work comes from an “old-school” print mentality. The duo quickly outgrew their first 350 square foot shop and eventually landed a 16,000 square foot shop in the Towne Storage building. The shop is overflowing with historic presses, big and small and collateral from recent projects.

Katy and Keegan cut their teeth in the Minneapolis, Minnesota printing and binding scene. In the City of Lakes, Katy refined her fine-press printing and binding skills and joined forces with Keegan an painter, illustrator and screenprinter, before heading west. What do they think about landing in Produce Row? Katy loves the hardworking, resourceful and industrial feel of the Produce Row neighborhood, she says “it creates a community dynamic that is ripe for collaboration.” KeeganMeegan has found many clients in the neighborhood, in their building and even (one time) in the street. They have found it easy to align themselves with people who appreciate the art in what they do. To date, they have worked with a wide spectrum of local businesses, agencies and artists including Produce Row Café, Aaron Draplin, Parliament and Mutt Industries. It’s likely you have laid your hands on something they have pressed.

The shop always has exciting projects, endeavors and dreams in the pipeline. KeeganMeegan was selected to be matched with two Musicfest NW bands to design limited edition posters. They are also scheming ways to add steamroller printing to their repertoire. Steamroller printing is one of the few ways to create large-scale (6 foot tall) prints. The process involves inking up large, hand-carved pieces of linoleum, laying a sheet of paper on top and then running over it with a steamroller.

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