NorthRim Development

NorthRim Development is a part of the new ethos of the eastside. They see value where others see grit. Founders Jeffery Weitz and Matt Schweitzer are commercial real estate developers that have worked on properties and have had their own offices in Produce Row for over 15 years. Matt shared that at first as they were redeveloping and renovating spaces in the district they would have to “essentially beg people to come take a look.” These days they have less trouble filling up space. They say people have started to see the opportunity that the proximity to downtown, access to transit and bike friendly streets offer to a growing company.

In July 2012, in partnership with neighborhood living legend Dan Pittman of Pittman Restaurant Supply, NorthRim broke ground at the corner of SE 3rd and SE Clay Ave. Their project is the first “ground-up” development in the district has seen in over a decade. They project, which is scheduled for completion in fall 2012, will have 2 stories and offer light-industrial space and 9 office suites. They space is perfect for incubator kitchens, which will be built out under the expert eye of Dan Pittman. With Pittman’s experience of having already developed a commercial kitchen model at SE 6th And SE Ankeny, NorthRim has signed one lease and expects more spaces to be filled with other wholesalers, catering and direct to retail chefs. Four of the nine office suites are already leased. Each of the 2nd story offices has a private walk out deck with westward views across the Willamette towards downtown Portland.

Jeff and Matt are dedicated to preserving the industrial character of the neighborhood and want to build a space for small businesses to incubate and grow. Jeff and Matt, who met while working for Bluestone and Hockley, grew their business in Produce Row and pioneered the redevelopment of office and industrial buildings in the neighborhood. For NorthRim a success story is when they can watch a neighbor like Pacific Pie prosper and they can help them find space in the neighborhood with each stage of growth.

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